A head start

Your workplace is more than just an office. It’s the heart of your company. This is why at Skanska we create something more than just ultra-modern buildings. We bring to life innovative spaces that inspire you and your team to continuously advance. Our developments reflect our belief in sustainability. They all boast user-friendly features as well as functionality, originality and highly innovative “green” technologies. We use materials and technologies that ensure maximum comfort and cost-effective efficiency. 

Maraton, office building in the heart of Poznan, will give you an advantage from the very start.

Małgorzata Wojtoń
21 000 m2

office space A-class

3 200 m2

retail space


parking spaces


bicycle stands

Building plans
I know that business is like long-distance running

Thorough physical preparation, the right pace, and support throughout the whole process are the only sure ways to achieve our goals. The same applies to business. Success requires preparation, experience and cooperation. For those who want long-term support in business, office building in the center of Poznań, Maraton is a smart choice.

CDF Architekci are one of the most experienced and talented architectural studios in Poznan.

They have created a design that fits naturally into the existing urban landscape, as though it was always meant to be here.

A range of possibilities

Trendy restaurants and top fashio retailers located on Maraton’s ground floor offer comfort and convenience for your team within the busy urban context.

Amenities in close proximity
  • Central railway station
    15 min.
  • Old Town
    10 min.
  • Shopping mall
    5 min.
  • Public transport
    3 min.
  • Bus lines
  • Tram lines
Maraton in the heart of the city

Maraton has access to Poznań’s best urban amenities. You can walk quickly to business and commerce venues, not to mention historic and cultural landmarks. Some of the most popular destinations include Andersia Business Centre, Stary Browar, ul. Półwiejska, Old Market Square.
With parks and leisure centers nearby, so there are plenty of opportunities to relax and stay fit.

Stary Browar / Art and Business Centre / 400 m
Railway station / 3500 m
Shopping center / 400 m
Outdoor recreational area on the bank of the Warta River / 400 m
ul. Krolowej Jadwigi
Plac Andersa / Business Centre/ 350 m
ul. Królowej Jadwigi / Cinema / 150 m
ul. Królowej Jadwigi / Important transport route connecting western and eastern part of the inner city 
LEED certification

Maraton office building will be certified in LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It will receive high level of certification.

What does it mean?

The latest, cutting-edge technology and high quality materials maximize comfort and efficiently reduce the utility costs.

Zone temperature control

Open-space office is divided into zones, where each zone covers a few work stations. This means that one office section can have different temperature parameters than the others and those parameters can be adjusted independently from the rest of the room. If you find the temperature at your desk uncomfortable you can adjust it to your own liking.

30% increase in fresh air

Due to extensive ventilation 30% more fresh air is being pumped into the building than is required by health and safety regulations. This amounts to exactly 40m³/h of filtered air per person, which greatly improves the focus and performance of people working in such conditions.

Water-saving bathroom fittings

The bathroom fittings save water even when you don’t remember to do so. No-touch water faucets, toilets that flush using 30% less water than traditional lavatories, aerating systems – all of these solutions make positive impact on our environment.

Workplaces by Skanska

Skanska development competence goes beyond construction of a building. We create workplaces where quality and innovation go hand in hand thanks to our extensive international experience.
We offer tailor-made interiors according to 4 areas.

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Thanks to Workplaces by Skanska application you can have the information you need at your fingertips. Learn more about the offer and Skanska office projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

Learn more about Maraton
Małgorzata Wojtoń
Leasing Negotiator
tel. +48 797 302 965
e-mail: malgorzata.wojton@skanska.pl 
Magdalena Reńska
Regional Leasing Director
tel. +48 797 332 020
e-mail: magdalena.renska@skanska.pl